16 applicants vie for upcoming A&P Commission vacancies

Sixteen people have submitted applications to fill two upcoming vacancies on the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission.

The soon-to-be-open seats belong to commissioners Maudie Schmitt and Bob Davis, whose terms expire at the end of March. As owner of Cafe Rue Orleans, Schmitt holds one of four tourism industry positions. Davis owns Eason Insurance and holds the sole at-large seat.

Seven applicants have applied for open seats in the past including Michael Andrews, owner of Fresco Cafe & Pub; Cyrena Hattabaugh, sales manager of Candlewood Suites; Jim Huson, owner of Doe’s Eat Place; Shellie Morrison, co-owner of The Event Group; Hannah Withers, owner of Little Bread Co.; and Denise Youngblood, owner of Mojo’s Pints & Pies.

New applicants include Roger Barrett, manager of Nightbird Books; Terry Coberly, a retired teacher and former Bentonville mayor who ran for Fayetteville alderman in 2012; Bobby Ferrell, a retired communications manager and former Fayetteville alderman who served on the A&P Commission; Julie McQuade Heyes, executive director of Fayetteville Underground; Eric Howerton, marketer at WhyteSpyder, Inc.; Louis B. “Bucky” Jones, Jr., a retired lawyer; Steven H. Kay, a self-employed attorney; David A. Russell, a banker at First Security Bank; Terri Trotter, chief operating officer of Walton Arts Center; and Bill Waite, owner of Dickson Street Liquor.

The commission is expected to review all applications and choose a replacement commissioner on Monday, March 11 Monday, April 8* in the conference room of the Fayetteville Town Center.

* The commission cannot appoint new members until actual vacancies exist. Schmitt and Davis’ seats will not be officially vacant until April

The following people have applied for positions (info taken from submitted applications):

Michael Andrews – owner, Fresco Cafe & Pub

Fayetteville residency: 45 years
Why would you like to be considered? I want to serve. I have an understanding of the many groups and organizations in Fayetteville that request money from the A&P Commission. I will thoughtfully consider how we spend our taxpayers money to promote recreation and tourism in the City of Fayetteville.

Roger Barrett – manager, Nightbird Books

Fayetteville residency: 12 years
Why would you like to be considered? I think as a business manager, musician, writer and fan of the arts, I can bring a unique, neglected sensibility to the committee.

Terry Coberly – retired teacher

Fayetteville residency: 2 years
Why would you like to be considered? I would like to serve Fayetteville. I have 21 years of municipal government service. Fayetteville is a great city, and I would be honored to advertise and promote it.

Bobby Ferrell – retired communications manager

Fayetteville residency: 49 years
Why would you like to be considered? To try to use my knowledge and experience of Fayetteville to preserve what we have and build and develop for the future.

Cyrena Hattabaugh – sales manager, Candlewood Suites

Fayetteville residency: 5 years
Why would you like to be considered? I would love the opportunity to be more involved in this thriving industry here in the wonderful city of Fayetteville and could have a good perspective on what Fayetteville needs to help us all.

Jim Huson – owner, Doe’s Eat Place

Fayetteville residency: 12 years
Why would you like to be considered? I will work to get more business to town. I’m a business guy. We need to recruit people and business to Fayetteville. We need to turn this town back to business and people based and stop watching things go north.

Julie McQuade Heyes – executive director, Fayetteville Underground

Fayetteville residency: 9 years
Why would you like to be considered? I believe my various roles in Fayetteville (government employee, event planner, neighborhood member, and downtown arts business director) and experience will provide a valuable perspective for A&P decisions and discussions. I also have a good understanding of how public committees operate and responsibilities.

Eric Howerton – marketer, WhyteSpyder, Inc.

Fayetteville residency: 11 years
Why would you like to be considered? I would like to offer my experience and understanding of marketing and promotions to our community. I honestly feel that my service would be of benefit both to the citizens of Fayetteville as well as the committee itself.

Louis B. “Bucky” Jones, Jr. – retired lawyer

Fayetteville residency: 11 years
Why would you like to be considered? Experience in law, higher education, administration and public and legislative relations. Would like the opportunity to help “Sell & Tell” about Fayetteville.

Steven H. Kay – self-employed attorney

Fayetteville residency: 17 years
Why would you like to be considered? I believe that this commission is an important tool for the growth of our community. In order for Fayetteville to continue to be the heart of NWA, we must continue to promote our city and invest money into projects designed to bring more people to Fayetteville.

Shellie Morrison – co-owner, The Event Group

Fayetteville residency: 24 years
Why would you like to be considered? I have always been interested in serving on this committee, and would consider it an honor. I feel that I would bring a different type of expertise to the commission. Many of your past members have been restaurant owners and hotel executives. As the owner of a catering company, I am able to work outside the confines of my facility and deal with many other vendors, applicable to events that are held in Fayetteville. I also have a working relationship with clients and vendors from all aspects of the corporate arena. Lastly, I feel very strongly that Fayetteville needs to capitalize and expand upon its local attractions to keep people in our city and to draw more events to our city. I try to use local businesses whenever I can for shopping, eating out, etc. In our current economic climate, I feel that we should encourage this practice to help our business owners.

David A. Russell – banker, First Security Bank

Fayetteville residency: 22 years
Why would you like to be considered? Work to maximize use of Town Center to keep downtown Fayetteville thriving; help encourage tourism with effective events and reinvest tax dollars wisely.

Terri Trotter – chief operating officer, Walton Arts Center

Fayetteville residency: 22 years
Why would you like to be considered? I am a 14-year resident of Fayetteville. I have three children attending school and participating in activities around our city. My husband works for the public schools. We live here because we love it. The quality of life in Fayetteville is very high and the A&P is a major factor in that.

A major challenge for Fayetteville now is figuring out how we continue to grow and adapt to our surroundings. The opportunities in Northwest Arkansas continue to increase and Fayetteville has a unique and unmatched quality among its sister cities in the region on which we must capitalize. Leadership is key, and I would like to be part of that. We need to think big and be open to new ideas for how we can promote our city and grow economic development. Further, the commission needs to be very strategic in thinking about and planning its role in ensuring Fayetteville’s success.

I am a seasoned executive business leader with a strong background in marketing, promotions, budget-management and diplomacy. I believe these characteristics, coupled with my expertise in marketing and promotions, make me an outstanding candidate for the position. I would be honored to serve the citizens of Fayetteville on the A&P Commission.

Bill Waite – owner, Dickson Street Liquor

Fayetteville residency: 43 years
Why would you like to be considered? I would like the opportunity to serve on this commission to help ensure that A&P funds continue to be invested in those ways which provide maximum benefit to the City of Fayetteville in terms of promoting the city, expanding tourism and increasing our sales tax base.

Hannah Withers – owner, Little Bread Co.

Fayetteville residency: 5 years
Why would you like to be considered? I believe that the handling of A&P funds, which is a tax that we collect in our business, is a privilege. I think all dispersement of funds should be taken seriously, and discussed in depth.

Denise Youngblood – owner, Mojo’s Pints & Pies

Fayetteville residency: 14 years
Why would you like to be considered? With my knowledge of working in this industry and as a member of the community, I want to continue to increase the vitality of both.

Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission

The seven-member commission is comprised of two elected city officials (City Council members or the mayor), four owners or managers of businesses in the tourism industry (at least three from hotels, motels, or restaurants) and one person from the public at-large.

Maudie Schmitt – owner, Cafe Rue Orleans
Ching Mong – owner, Formosa Chinese Restaurant
William Lyle – executive chef, Ella’s Restaurant
Matt Behrend – general manager, Holiday Inn Express
Bob Davis – owner, Eason Insurance (at-large member)
Matthew Petty: City Council member
Justin Tennant: City Council member

A&P Funds

Legislation created the Advertising and Promotion Commission in 1977 with the passage of the Hotel, Motel, Restaurant (HMR) tax in Fayetteville. The 2 percent tax is split equally between the city’s Parks and Recreation Department and the A&P Commission. The parks money is used for parks maintenance, operations and for capital improvements. The self-reported numbers do not include retail or liquor sales.

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