Restaurant news: Table Mesa, Acambaro, Spiedini Italian Grill and more

If you like trying new restaurants, you might have noticed that occasionally, we like to post a rundown of the recent openings, closings, and new places set to open around town.

There’s been a bit of activity since our last post, so we thought an update was in order.

Here’s what we know about what’s happening new restaurant-wise this spring in Fayetteville.

Table Mesa

Table Mesa is now open on the second floor of the Legacy Building

Flyer photo

Table Mesa opened a new Fayetteville location last week at 401 W. Watson St. in the space formerly occupied by Legacy Blues Lounge.

The restaurant specializes in “modern Latin cuisine,” and in addition to the new location in Fayetteville, the owners also operate locations in Bentonville and Joplin. They’re open Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and on Friday and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


A new Mexican restaurant by the folks who run Acambaro is coming to Gusanos old space on Wedington

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Gusansos Pizza moved from their original location just up the road to 1267 N. Steamboat Dr., leaving an opening in their former space at 3980 W. Wedington Drive.

We’re told that a Mexican restaurant owned by the family who runs Acambaro is moving in. The new place will have a different name, and according to a source, “it’s going to be a while” before it opens.

Spiedini Italian Grill / The Boardwalk

Spiedini Italian Grill has moved out, and a new restaurant called The Boardwalk is moving in

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Spiedini Italian Grill closed their restaurant at 3878 N Crossover Rd. on Feb. 16. According to a Facebook post, the owners are looking to open a new restaurant concept in either Fayetteville or Rogers.

“We hate to throw in the towel, but it’s becoming obvious that being off the main strip, coupled with ongoing road construction is not working for us,” the post stated. “We hope to be able to bring Spiedini back at some point, but for now we’re looking at a different concept.”

Meanwhile, signs have already appeared for what looks to be a new restaurant called The Boardwalk in the space. We haven’t been able to reach the folks running the new place.

Buck Crossing (Formerly Buck Nekkid)

Buck Crossing has closed, and are the owners looking for a new location.

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Buck Crossing BBQ, also known as Buck Nekkid, closed on Feb. 21 after nearly two years in business at 3825 N. Shiloh Dr. in Fayetteville.

According to a recent Facebook post, the owners are seeking a new location somewhere in Northwest Arkansas.

“With the current landlocked location and the flyover failing to connect Shiloh Drive with a bridge, along with a restricted sign ordinance, it was determined it would be better to seek other more customer-friendly options for its business,” the post read.

The Taco Shack

Marlo’s Taco Shack is moving to a larger space next door.

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One of the tiniest taco shacks in town is moving into a less-tiny, less shack-y shack.

The Taco Shack, known locally as Marlo’s Taco Shack, is moving from its small space into a larger spot right next door at 1218 N. Garland Avenue.

Renovations of the space are currently underway, and the move could take place sometime this spring.

Los Bobos

Los Bobos is a new taqueria located at 404 W. Dickson St. in Fayetteville.

Photo by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

We told you guys about this earlier, but in case you missed it, Los Bobos Taqueria officially opened on Valentine’s Day at 404 W. Dickson Street.

The restaurant serves a basic menu, with just 10 items: pollo, asada, al pastor, alambre, and chorizo tacos and tortas (Mexican-style sandwiches).

Los Bobos is open three nights a week, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Bucks of Asia

Vietnamese restaurant Buck’s of Asia is open on College Avenue

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

We mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but Vietnamese restaurant Bucks of Asia recently opened at 2141 N. College Ave., in the space formerly occupied by Pho Saigon.

The new restaurant is owned by the same folks behind Pho Quyen on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. In fact, Bucks was still using menus from Pho Quyen when we stopped by recently.