3 Penny Acre to release ‘Rag and Bone’ April 14

3 Penny Acre


Scraps of experiences, emotional souvenirs, glances and gut feelings. Songwriters Bryan Hembree, Bernice Hembree, and Bayard Blaine of the Fayetteville band 3 Penny Acre seem to have collected some of their finest, most poignant fragments of stories and experiences to sculpt their latest record, Rag and Bone.

The band, who has been working on the album for about a year, will finally celebrate the release of the highly anticipated new record on Sunday night at George’s Majestic Lounge.

We got an advance copy earlier this week, and we can tell you this. It’s good. Real good. (Scroll down for a listen)

Admission is $10, and copies of the album will be available for $15 at the show. Doors open at 6 p.m., and music will start at around 7 p.m.

We caught up with Bernice from the band recently, and she was nice enough to tell us a bit about the new record.

Tell us first about the name of the record. Where did Rag and Bone come from?
Rag and Bone has a couple meanings for us. While Bryan was living in England years ago, he discovered that the Brits call their flea markets “rag and bone” shops, which pays homage to the Victorian era “rag and bone man” who strolled the streets selling his daily find. It stuck with him, especially after reading a Yeats poem that referenced the human heart being like a rag and bone shop. We also feel like songwriting comes from picking up bits and pieces of life – rags and bones along the way.

Recordings are always kind of snapshots of a band at any given moment it’s always interesting to hear how a band progresses from album to album. How are the songs on the new record different from your previous releases?
Good question. This is a different snapshot of us. Our first album leaned more into the bluegrass world, the second has a singer/songwriter feel; this latest album delivers more of a rockin’ beat and exposes more of our hearts on our sleeve.

Tell us a bit about the recording process for Rag and Bone.”
We, again, recorded at our home “pop-up” studio. It took just over 12 months from start to finish. we had a couple creative endeavors that interrupted the process throughout the year. But, we feel like we took our time wisely and didn’t rush it.

If you had to pick five words to sum up the album thematically, what would they be?
On the outside looking in.

Are you guys partial to any tracks in particular on the new album?
We love them all, but some of my favorites: “Gibsonville,” “Somewhere in the Middle” (I got to play clarinet – all those years of band paid off), “Cowbird,” “St. Alban’s Day,” and “Rag and Bone.”

How can folks get their hands on a copy of the new album?
The album will only be available at live shows until July 1. So, come out to a show or wait until July.

Have a listen

“Cowbird” by 3 Penny Acre


“Rag and Bone” by 3 Penny Acre


“Slim Was A Teamster” by 3 Penny Acre


“Rag and Bone” video