Jerry Jones narrates documentary film on former Razorback Jim Lindsey

A documentary film exploring the career of former Razorback Jim Lindsey is set to debut in time for the upcoming 2013 football season.

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Directed by UA graduate Clint Fullen and produced by Emmy-winning documentary duo Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter, “The Jim Lindsey Story” is narrated by Dallas Cowboys owner and former Razorback Jerry Jones, who played alongside Lindsey during the University of Arkansas’ 1964 national championship football season.

Lindsey began his NFL career in 1965 and spent seven seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, including the 1969 NFL title-winning team.

During offseasons, Lindsey bought and sold real estate in Northwest Arkansas. Once he started making more money selling property than playing football, he retired from the NFL and began developing homes and apartments. Lindsey now owns and operates more than 37,000 apartment units and 42 golf courses (see

“Lindsey is an influential business leader whose story needs to be told,” said Foley. “This film is a must-see for Arkansans.”

Cullen said the film is scheduled to be released sometime this fall.

“We are currently organizing the premiere, public screenings and a DVD release,” he said. “These events will all correlate with the coming football season.”

For more, including stills, a teaser and the trailer, visit the film’s website at

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About “The Jim Lindsey Story”
The history of the Arkansas Razorbacks is composed of legends, and without a doubt, Jim Lindsey is one of its most successful players–on and off the field. Lindsey won a national championship, became an NFL captain and built a thriving real estate empire across the South.

Narrated by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, “The Jim Lindsey Story” begins in the Arkansas Delta. Back then, Lindsey was simply a small boy who dreamt of playing ball. Weekdays were spent in the cotton fields, and weekends were used for cow-pasture baseball. In time, that boy grew up to be a very big man.

With the Razorbacks, Lindsey contributed to one of the most dominant winning streaks in college football. As a Minnesota Viking, the athlete captured the 1969 NFL title. Lindsey was never the fastest or the strongest. Still, he is one of the most remarkable players to put on pads. Lindsey possessed two traits that are often overlooked in sports: intelligence and determination.

At 21-years-old, Lindsey wagered his $75,000 signing bonus on a tract of land in Northwest Arkansas. He bet on a winner and found a new profession. During the NFL offseasons, the former Razorback continued to buy and sell property. Over time, he transformed his opportunities in athletics into a sizable fortune. After retiring from football, Lindsey established a real estate operation that flourishes today.

This film is an Southern success story. It is about a delta boy who went from the henhouse to the penthouse. Using his available talents, Lindsey seized victories in both business and athletics. He may have not been the fastest or the strongest, but with intelligence and determination, Lindsey has become one of the most accomplished athletes in Arkansas history.

About the filmmaker
Clint Fullen, producer and director, was raised on the Razorbacks. He may have been born in Texas, but he was brought up by Arkansans. Transplanted to Little Rock, Fullen nurtured a love for football and film in the Natural State. Attending the University of Arkansas, the young filmmaker received degrees in broadcast journalism and creative writing. In 2013, he was awarded a master’s in documentary filmmaking. Throughout his academic career, Fullen freelanced as a commercial and documentary director. His short films have toured more than 100 locations across the United States, and his work has been broadcast nationally through “PBS Frontline” and “PBS Planet Forward.” “The Jim Lindsey Story” is Fullen’s largest and most ambitious project to date.