Fayetteville Photo Challenge #1

Staff photo

Update: This contest is now closed. The photo is of the north side of the Magnolia Company salon building at the corner of West Avenue and Lafayette Street in downtown Fayetteville. Congrats to Andrew, who nabbed himself a $50 gift card to Lucky Luke’s BBQ and a Flyer t-shirt. Congrats also to Sarah M. and William L. who also scored free Flyer t-shirts.

Because it’s summer, and because we have a giant box of new t-shirts here at the office that aren’t going to wear themselves, we’ve dreamed up a new feature here at the Flyer.

It’s a game, and the idea is to see how well you know this beauty of a city we all call home.

Here’s how to enter: Fill out the form below telling us where in Fayetteville the above photo was taken, and be entered to win a $50 gift card to the Flyer Sponsor of your choice (see a list to the right), plus a free Flyer t-shirt.

Acceptable answers for this first challenge would be the cross streets that the above photo was taken from, or the name of the business currently occupying the building depicted in the photo.

We’ll choose the winner at random from the correct answers at around noon on Wednesday, June 12. If there are enough correct answers, second and third place winners (chosen at random) will also receive Flyer t-shirts.

Comments on this post are closed until we choose a winner so that no one gives away the answer. We’ll reveal the location for the above photo when we announce the winners next week.

Good luck.