New bar ‘The Nines’ set to open along Frisco Trail

Owner Greg Hodges sits inside his new bar, The Nines, set to open along Frisco Trail in July.

Staff photo

With the growing popularity of the Fayetteville trail system, it was only a matter of time before someone opened a trailside bar.

That someone is local DJ Greg Hodges.

Hodges plans to soon open a new establishment called The Nines in the metal building along Frisco Trail near Center Street, in the space formerly occupied by Abshire’s Neighborhood Store.

The new bar will focus on champagne, wine, and locally brewed beer, Hodges said.

“We’ll have wine and some really good mimosas,” he said. “We’ll also serve beers from Core Brewery, who I think are doing a really good job, and have a really good reputation.”

The bar features a unique decor in a small space, with corrugated metal walls, hardwood floors, vintage sofas, arm chairs and kitchen tables. “I wanted this to feel like a true dive bar,” he said. “This isn’t the type of place you’re going to stumble into on Dickson. I really want it to be a destination.”

One of the focal points in the establishment is a vintage piano that stands near the entrance. Hodges said he hopes to hire a jazz pianist to help set the mood for the space. The bar will also include outdoor seating on a patio near the front of the building.

Hodges, who previously helped to open Speakeasy, had plans to open The Nines a few years ago in the space currently home to Fresco Cafe just off the square. Those plans fell through, but Hodges believes it might have been for the best.

“I’m kind of glad that didn’t work out now,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier with this space and the way it’s turned out.”

Hodges plans to officially open the new bar on Monday, July 1.

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