Fuel spilled at The Vue apartments in Fayetteville

The Vue apartments stand on a hill just south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard across from Bogle Park and Fayetteville High School.

Staff photo

Fayetteville fire and hazmat crews were dispatched Thursday morning after reports of a fuel spill at the construction site of The Vue apartments on Parris Avenue just south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

City officials said the valve of a tank containing 500-700 gallons of fuel was punctured after striking the ground while being transported by a fork lift shortly after 8 a.m.

Mauro Campos, a battalion chief with the Fayetteville Fire Department, said crews are working to contain and clean the spill, and that there were no injuries.

The site is the same area where two deaths occurred this year.

A Joplin man was electrocuted earlier this month while working to install siding on one of the complexes. The man was standing in a boom lift when it maneuvered too close to overhead power lines causing his head to touch one of the lines.

A Springdale man was killed in May while working to clear debris from a dirt pit after crews hit a sewer line. The pit collapsed on Rhine trapping him inside. Co-workers tried to uncover Rhine’s face, but police said he was unresponsive when they arrived.

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