Secret concert planned in Fayetteville on Sept. 12

A clue posted to the @uasectretshow Twitter account

A secret concert is being planned somewhere in Fayetteville on Thursday, Sept. 12.

Either that, or somebody is seriously trolling a ton of people on Twitter.

A mysterious @uasectretshow account began tweeting Tuesday with the message “Thursday, September 12th. Will you be there?”

Since then, messages like “We’re bringing in a really big name” appeared, followed by clues released as the account reaches milestone follower numbers.

Here are some of the other clues released so far.

  • It’s not Justin Beiber.
  • This artist has had a number one iTunes album.
  • This artist is either from America, or Europe.
  • Look out tomorrow and Thursday around campus for chalking and flyers. They’ll be pretty well hidden
  • It’s not a country artist.
  • No wrecking balls or single directions, this artist’s vocals are pure perfection. (image)
  • 8 p.m. Thursday night.
  • The artist is in here.

According to NWATunedin, the show is not affiliated with the University of Arkansas, won’t take place on campus, and is apparently not the “private party” scheduled at George’s Majestic Lounge on Thursday.

Here’s hoping Jimmy Kimmel isn’t behind all this.

Update: UA Secret Show is back with a new twitter account @uasecretshows. Or somebody else is now messing with people on Twitter. You be the judge.