Early voting on Fayetteville bond issue opens Nov. 5

Washington County Courthouse

Staff photo

The special election to decide whether to extend HMR bonds originally approved to build the Fayetteville Town Center is set for Nov. 12, but voters can weigh in early beginning Tuesday, Nov. 5 at the County Clerk’s office inside the Washington County Courthouse.

Early voting will be open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 5-8. There will be no early voting on Monday, Nov. 11, as the courthouse will be closed for Veteran’s Day.

Voters will decide three ballot questions:
1. Should the estimated $1.5 million in remaining debt be refinanced to clear the way for new bonds?
2. Should $6.9 million in new bonds be issued to help fund Walton Arts Center expansions?
3. Should $3.5 million in new bonds be issued to help fund the regional park?

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The Washington County Courthouse is located at 280 N. College Ave. in Fayetteville.