Here’s what the roads looked like Sunday morning in Fayetteville

Traffic passes near the intersection of Archibald Yell Boulevard and South School Avenue Sunday morning in Fayetteville.

Photos by Todd Gill, Flyer staff

With nearly eight inches of snow covering most of the city, some Fayetteville residents are likely starting to get a little stir crazy.

In fact, requests for information about road conditions are getting more frequent now that everyone has been stuck inside for two straight days.

So we set out this morning to grab a couple dozen photos from all corners of Fayetteville.

If you do decide to drive, be very careful. Some streets are clear, others are somewhat passable, and some are still completely covered in ice.

Rolling Hills Boulevard

North College Avenue near the flyover ramp

North College Avenue and Zion Road

Zion Road and North Crossover Road

North Crossover Road and Joyce Boulevard

Mission Boulevard and North Crossover Road

East Huntsville Road and North Crossover Road

South College Avenue

Block Avenue

West Center Street

South School Avenue

Archibald Yell Boulevard

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at Interstate 540

I-540 between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Wedington Drive

Wedington Drive at I-540 interchange

Wedington Drive

Mount Comfort Road and Salem Drive

Porter Road at I-540

Garland Avenue

East Township Street between College Avenue and Old Wire Road

North College Avenue near East Township Street

North College Avenue near Rolling Hills Boulevard