31 volunteer positions filled in Fayetteville

City Council members this week ratified the appointment of 31 volunteers to fill open positions on 11 of the city’s boards, commissions and committees.

“It was an excellent, excellent group of candidates, as always,” said Adella Gray, chair of the council’s Nominating Committee. “We always leave feeling so lucky to be in Fayetteville where we have so many candidates and constituents from our city who are eager to help.”

Gray said the committee interviewed 48 applicants – some last Tuesday and others on Wednesday – including Mayor Lioneld Jordan’s appointments to the City Board of Health and the Public Facilities Board.

The list of volunteers includes six positions on the city’s newly created Energy Improvement District, which is the first of its kind in Arkansas. Its formation was made possible after a state law aimed at encouraging energy efficiency improvements was enacted earlier this year. The district has the authority to issue tax-exempt bonds and loans to property owners through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

Here’s the full list of new city volunteers:

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

New members: Johnnie Chamberlin, Mike Gibbs, Jared Hintegardt, Brian Kelly, Clint Thomas

Description: This committee reviews public comment, and advises city staff on the prioritization and land acquisition/easements for sidewalks and trails within Fayetteville. Members are also responsible for adopting sidewalk and trails master plans. Recommendations relating to trails are forwarded to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Recommendations relating to sidewalks are forwarded to the Transportation Division.

Airport Board

New members: Joshua Mahony, Darryl S. Riddell

Description: The purpose of this board is to seek both general and technical citizen input and assistance in airport functions, provide and encourage visionary planning and strong leadership for the airport, and assist the City Council in matters pertaining to the operation, improvement, extension, and maintenance of the Airport and other related facilities, property and easements.

Audit Committee

New member: L. Wayne Britt

Description: The Audit Committee serves in an advisory capacity between the City Council, the city’s independent auditor, internal auditor, and management. The committee will review the city’s financial reports and internal controls regarding finance and accounting.

City Board of Health

New member: Shana Casper

Description: This board works to secure the city from contagious, malignant, and infectious diseases.

Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals

New member: Marilyn Shoffit

Description: The purpose of this board is to hear and to act upon appeals regarding decisions made by the building inspector/superintendent. The board also hears appeals regarding construction materials to be used in new building construction and development. In addition, the board hears appeals regarding enforcement of the minimum housing standards for existing structures as specified in the standard building codes. Information regarding this board can also be found in the standard building code.

Energy Improvement District No. 1

New members: Don Bennett, Stanley D. Green, Jim Halsell, Michael Phipps, Corey Runnells, Julie Trivitt

Description: Board members would oversee the district’s issuance of tax-exempt bonds and loaning of money to property owners using a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

Environmental Action Committee

New members: Robert Moore, Angela Wisley, Joanna Pollock, Garnett Wise

Description: This committee works to address environmental concerns, to promote a safe and healthy environment, and to maintain the natural beauty of the environment within the city. It makes recommendations to other city committees and to the City Council.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

New members: Wade Colwell, Terry Lawson, David Priest

Description: This board recommends priorities for capital improvements and means for financing the same, and prepares an annual progress report on parks and recreation activities.

Public Facilities Board

New member: Hugh Earnest

Description: The Public Facilities Board is authorized to issue revenue bonds to finance residential housing, health care, and related facilities to persons of low or moderate income and for the elderly.

Telecommunications Board

New members: Cami English, Wendell R. Huggins, Madalyn McMormack

Description: The board advises the City Council on telecommunication issues and coordinates and oversees telecommunications franchise systems and use of the public rights of way designated for public access, educational, and governmental (PEG) use in the City of Fayetteville as part of the city’s telecommunication infrastructure.

Urban Forestry Advisory Board

New members: Sarah King, Dr. Donald Steinkraus, Amy Jones, Kathy Launder

Description: This committee advises the City Council on urban forestry and arboricultural related issues as an integral part of the city’s green infrastructure and sits as the Wildland-Urban Interface: Firewise Advisory Board to advise the City Council on wildland and urban development related issues as an integral part of the city’s fire protection program and green infrastructure.