Fayetteville extra trash bag sticker program going electronic in 2014

Staff photo

The city’s extra trash bag sticker program will move to an electronic format in 2014.

Instead of receiving four free paper stickers in the mail, residential utility customers can track how many free bags they have available on their monthly bill.

Customers can place up to four 32-gallon bags outside their trash carts each year without being charged a $6 extra bag fee. Instead of placing a sticker on the bags, customers can now just leave the bags next to their cart for free pick-up.

Any free bags not used will be automatically rolled over for use in the next calendar year. Also, any free stickers from previous years may be used through Dec. 31, 2014.

City officials said the transition away from paper stickers will save the Solid Waste and Recycling Division about $17,000 each year in printing and mailing fees.

The residential trash program provides waste collection to approximately 19,800 residences in Fayetteville which produced over 13,500 tons of waste in 2012.