Tanglewood Branch hits fundraising goal within hours of deadline

J.T. Wampler, owner and brewmaster of Tanglewood Branch Beer Company, pours a glass of his East Kent Goldings IPA in May 2012.

Staff photo

South Fayetteville’s Tanglewood Branch Beer Company will live to see another day.

The local brewery, which was set to close in early January, reached an ambitious fundraising goal on Monday, which, according to owner J.T. Wampler, will keep the business afloat.

When Wampler first announced the upcoming closure of Tanglewood in mid-December, a handful of loyal fans offered to help. Wampler launched a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $21,000 needed to make overdue payments and increase brewing output.

The campaign reached its goal with less than three hours remaining on Monday.

“I’m in total shock,” said Wampler, who noted a last-minute surge of donations from a group of donors who doubled their original contribution.

In all, 113 people donated to help save the brewery.

Wampler said the immediate goal is to move away from food sales, and focus on increasing his brewing capacity.

“We just purchased bigger tanks for boiling and mashing that will increase our output by three times,” said Wampler. “That means growler sales and cheaper pints are on the way.”

Wampler said if all goes well, he’ll have growlers ready to purchase in about a month.

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