Sales tax revenue up in Fayetteville and Rogers

Sales tax revenue deliveries were up this month in Fayetteville and Rogers, while Springdale and Bentonville reported negative numbers compared to the same period last year.

Rogers had the highest increase, while Fayetteville was up less than 1 percent. Bentonville continued its run of unsteady reports, posting a 12 percent decrease which follows a 6 percent increase and a 27 percent decrease in the two previous months.

Fayetteville received $1,463,225 for a 0.8 percent increase over last year, a difference of $11,659.

Rogers collected $1,245,277, a $152,140 increase over last year when the city received $1,093,137.

Springdale received $808,255 for a 3.8 percent decrease over last year, a difference of $32,206.

Bentonville collected $680,079, a $96,178 decrease over last year when the city received $776,257.

Each city collects a 2 percent sales tax. One percent goes into a general fund. The other 1 percent goes toward repayment of bonds. The numbers reported by the Fayetteville Flyer represent the 1 percent going into general funds.

Sales tax revenue delivered in January reflects November sales tax collected in December.

November 2013 Sales Tax Revenue (delivered in January 2014)

CityNovember 2012November 2013Change

Source: Staff report