Burger Shack restaurant closed in Fayetteville

Signage and equipment were removed this week from the Burger Shack restaurant on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Staff photo

Update: According to co-owner Paul Rasmussen, Burger Shack closed due to a dispute among the restaurant owners.

Burger Shack appears to have closed its doors after just over a year in business at 1163 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Fayetteville.

A Flyer reader noticed that a moving truck was parked in front of the restaurant earlier this week, and that the space had been nearly cleared out.

The Fayetteville location, which opened in early 2013, was affiliated with a Branson, Missouri restaurant of the same name. An employee at the Branson location told us he thought the Fayetteville store might be getting a remodel, but we noticed workers removing the restaurant’s signage late Wednesday.

The phone number associated with the business hasn’t been working for the past couple days, and messages sent to the restaurant’s website weren’t immediately returned.

Anybody know what’s up?