‘Feed the Bird’ week of fundraisers planned for Nightbird Books

Photo: Facebook

With the rising popularity of e-readers and the increasing convenience of online giants like Amazon, it’s a bit of a tough time to be an independent bookseller.

The same is true in Fayetteville, except around here, when a local place falls on hard times, the community does something about it.

A host of local bands, poets, artists, politicians and businesses are donating time this week to help downtown bookstore Nightbird Books “Feed the Bird,” with a weeklong series of fundraisers and performances intended to help keep the store open during the slow summer months.

Events are scheduled every night from July 7-12, and include a sing-a-long with local musician Adam Cox, a performance of the Maxine’s Tap Room Whosie Whatsit Gameshow, a local food celebration, a poetry event, live music performances by SW/MM/NG, High Lonesome, Brothel Sprouts, May The Peace of the Sea Be With You, and more.

Individual events range from $5-20, and you can purchase a weeklong event pass for $75.

For more information including specifics about each night of the fundraiser, visit the Facebook page for the event.