New Flyer Sponsor: Eureka Pizza

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One of the things we love about the businesses that support the Flyer is how local they are.

Tuscan Chicken Pizza from Eureka Pizza


As far as we know, every single sponsor of the site is owned by a Northwest Arkansas resident. They drive the same streets we do. Their kids go to our local schools. They are our neighbors, and we feel good knowing that when our readers do business with them, most of that money stays right here in the area, supporting local jobs, and the local economy.

No one embodies that local spirit more than our newest sponsor, Eureka Pizza.

The company was founded in the heart of Fayetteville on Leverett Avenue in 1992 by Fayetteville resident, Rolf Wilkin. Rolf prides himself on purchasing local ingredients whenever possible, including meats from Tyson Foods in Springdale, and more than one million pizza boxes per year from Fort Smith-based Craig Box.

The restaurant has since grown to operate 11 locations across Northwest Arkansas. The Leverett store in Fayetteville where it all started is still in operation, and interestingly is now powered by a 40-panel, 10,000-watt solar system that anyone can monitor real time at the Eureka Pizza website. Also this week, the Leverett location will celebrate the completion of a summer-long street improvement project that will result in bright shiny new streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters to improve access to the original restaurant.

The solar-powered original Eureka Pizza location, at 826 N. Leverett Ave. in Fayetteville


The secret to the company’s success, however, is obviously their delicious pizza. Eureka Pizza makes its sauce from scratch, with real tomatoes instead of the cheap concentrate or canned sauces common at other places. They also make their dough in house daily, using pure, natural yeast for a light, airy crust packed with authentic flavor.

They have incredible specials, with their patented “better ready” pizzas fresh and ready to pick up daily for just $4.99. Every Monday, those same pizzas are available for just $3.99 for their weekly “Monday Madness” promotion. Several of their locations have drive-thru windows and in the coming weeks, they’ll unveil a brand new, revamped online ordering system, bringing pizza take-out to a whole new level of convenience.

We’re excited to welcome then to the Flyer family, and we hope you’ll help us do the same by stopping by soon for a delicious pie!

Eureka Pizza

Three Fayetteville locations (see all)

Address: 1905 E. Mission Blvd.
Phone: 479-571-2121

Address: 826 N. Leverett Ave.
Phone: 479-443-7777

Address: 2920 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (6th St)
Phone: 479-527-0000

On the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Menu / Live Solar Info