Fayetteville police release stats for 2014 Bikes, Blues & BBQ rally

Staff photo

Police released a summary of accident and arrests made during the 2014 Bikes, Blues and BBQ motorcycle rally held Wednesday Sept. 24 through Friday, Sept 27 in Fayetteville.

Police said a total of 31 arrests were made inside the Dickson Street event area. Of those arrested, 23 were local residents.

The majority of charges involved Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct, according to a news release. Sixteen citations were issued to 11 individuals inside the event area. One citation was for Drinking in Public, and the others were traffic related citations. There were five citations issued for Violation of the City Noise Ordinance (Engine Revving).

Police took eight reports of accidents in Fayetteville involving motorcycles during the event with no fatalities inside the city limits.

Two reports of stolen motorcycles were received in Fayetteville during the event. One motorcycle was taken from just north of the Dickson Street event area, and one was taken from southeast Fayetteville.

From the release:

We would like to thank our citizens for their tolerance and support, and we thank our visitors for their decision to visit Fayetteville for this event. The Fayetteville Police Department will continue to work with our citizens, merchants and the Bikes, Blues and Barbeque Board to provide a safe atmosphere for everyone in the years to come.