New Flyer Sponsor: Mockingbird Creative

The staff at Mockingbird Creative at work

Ask yourself, small business people. How’s your website looking these days?

Does it exist? Is it up to date with accurate information? How does it look to potential customers? Are you keeping up with your blog?

How’s your logo look? Are you happy with your business cards and letterhead? Is your social media presence growing?

If any of the above questions give you pause (or cause an instant rise in your blood pressure), it might be time to call the newest Flyer Sponsor, Mockingbird Creative.

The company, founded in 2009 here in Fayetteville by Creative Director Michelle Hedegard, specializes in a 360-degree approach to branding, by helping to address all the marketing needs of its clients.

From initial branding, to design services, web design, photography, social media, and more, Mockingbird is truly a full-service digital agency.

Their holistic approach to marketing, from initial discovery to end product, allows Mockingbird to create great looking materials for their clients that highlight the best parts of their businesses, and allow their clients to stop worrying about marketing, and focus on what they do best; running their business.

Mockingbird Creative

525 S. School, Suite 210
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: 479-802-4954
On the web: Website / Facebook / Twitter

They also understand the challenges of running a small business – after all – president Kezie Odunukwe has been running his own local establishments in Fayetteville for years, and that understanding translates into how they manage their client relationships.

Currently, Mockingbird works with several great local companies, including Bold Dental, Walton Arts Center, Marketplace Grill and several others.

We’re thrilled to be working with them as the newest Flyer Sponsor, and we hope you’ll help us welcome them to the family by giving them a call when you need help with web design, graphics, or any other marketing service.

Welcome aboard!

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