PAID POLITICAL AD: Adella Gray explains crucial runoff election for Nov. 25

Sonia Davis Gutierrez and Hannah Withers interviewed Adella Gray to look into why the runoff election is so important for Fayetteville.

Q: Why should registered voters make time to vote in the runoff election?

Currently the City is working on a Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan to improve walkability and transit. We have also set a goal to reduce or recycle at least 80% of our waste. We have enlisted experts to help us figure out how to do these things, but it’s essential that Fayetteville have the political leadership with the experience and commitment in order to follow through and get these things done. I’m committed to cutting waste and growing an effective transportation system. Also, I’m a candidate who is open minded and embraces new ideas for Fayetteville, while also understanding the history of our culture. Choosing me as your candidate is crucial to keeping our council balanced and diverse.

Q: What are your proudest achievements from your 8 years of service on City Council and related committees?

The Mount Kessler Trails purchase is my proudest moment during my time as a Fayetteville Council member. I had nothing but resounding support from my Ward 1 residents. Some of my personal highlights include the streamside protection and the Hillside Hilltop Ordinances. The Gulley Park addition, the progress we’ve made with the expansion of the recycling program, and the trails and sidewalk development have increased quality of life for Ward 1 residents, visitors and all of Fayetteville.

Q: What is your vision for Ward 1 and Fayetteville?

I’ve lived in Fayetteville for 42 years. My children attended Fayetteville Public schools, I’ve worked at the University and attended several churches in town. When people mention how Dickson Street used to be, I don’t have to ask them to explain. I remember what downtown was like without the Walton Arts Center and without a thriving entertainment district. I’d like to see that type of beautification and economic development take shape from the old Mountain Inn down South School all the way to Drake Field. We have many guests who enter Fayetteville from the South, and I’d like to see higher standards for the walkability and beautification of that area, which I consider to be one of the main gateways into Fayetteville. I’d like to see South Fayetteville with innovative drainage solutions, new trees, trails and sidewalks and Fayetteville’s historically inclusive culture expand and thrive.

Paid Political Advertisement. Paid for by Adella Gray for City Council—Rhonda Adams, Treasurer