UPDATED: ‘Slide the City’ bringing giant slip-and-slide event to Fayetteville

Ever wish somebody would show up in Fayetteville with 1000 feet of slick vinyl and set up a giant slip-and-slide through the streets of the city? If so, your dreams are coming true this summer.


According to their website, traveling slip-and-slide company Slide the City is planning to set up shop in Fayetteville for an event on Saturday, Aug. 29.

The company offers a few different packages for would-be-sliders, from one-time slides to all-day VIP passes, and all of the packages are on sale at their website. The price to slide ranges from $15-$60.

We put in a request with the company for information on where they plan to set up in town, and what local charitable organization they will partner with, and we’ll add that info here once they get back to us.

Update: Slide the City officials filed an event permit application to set up on Dickson Street between Church and West avenues. According to Sharon Waters, the city’s Parking & Telecommunications Manager, the permit has not yet been approved.

For now, mark your calendar for what sounds like a pretty fun day in Fayetteville.