Volunteer opportunity: Feed Fayetteville

Children with the Head Start Preschool Garden Club help pick carrots from a local community garden.


Want to keep up your New Year’s resolution to volunteer more? This is the sixth in a seven-part series to help you get involved. Read on to see what organizations could use your help.

Those who volunteer at Feed Fayetteville have the freedom to share their ideas and bring them to life, according to Feed Fayetteville programs coordinator Katie Rievert.

“There’s a great opportunity to make an impact,” Rievert said. “If you have any ideas we’re very open.”
During the winter months, the Feed Fayetteville volunteers have been most focused on organizing the Feed Fayetteville office, located at 221 S Locust Avenue, and doing yard work. With spring approaching, Feed Fayetteville is recruiting new volunteers to help out with the garden.

If gardening doesn’t sound appealing, there are several other programs to help out with as well. For example, volunteers are needed for cooking classes with Lifestyles, which happen in eight-week cycles.

Rievert says it’s always nice to have volunteers with gardening or cooking experience, but it’s definitely not necessary. Individuals of all ages and skill levels can help. She says that people who are flexible make the best Feed Fayetteville volunteers.

Feed Fayetteville

Contact: (479) 966-4790
Website: feedfayetteville.org
Summary: help fight hunger in Fayetteville
Requirements: none
Who they’re looking for: cooking class teachers, Garden Buddies, etc.

Volunteer Sarah Kilgus recommends volunteering with Feed Fayetteville because it’s so localized – she knows she’s serving people in her own community. Kilgus helps out in several areas, including with the Washington Elementary School Garden Club.

Kilgus said that while anyone can help out at Feed Fayetteville, being a team player with people skills is helpful.

“You have to care about the quality of food, and understand the challenge in bridging the gap for people struggling to make ends meet,” Kilgus said.

Those interested in volunteering can sign up at feedfayetteville.org/volunteer.