Volunteer opportunity: Arkansas Air and Military Museum

A Boeing-Stearman N2S-S (PT-17) is one of several aircraft on display inside the museum.


Want to keep up your New Year’s resolution to volunteer more? This is the final in a seven-part series to help you get involved. Read on to see what organizations could use your help.

From sitting in the break room with a cup of joe to fixing up old airplanes together, the volunteers at the Arkansas Air and Military Museum are family.

“Most of us are retired and like to get out of the house,” volunteer restoration crewmember Darrell Cox said.

With many of the volunteers getting older, the need for “new blood” coming in to help out has definitely been noted. Diversity in the form of new female volunteers is also very welcome.

“It’s important that volunteers know that they can contribute in any way at any age,” said president of the board of directors, Ray Boudreaux. “You don’t have to be able to build or maintain an airplane.”

Arkansas Air and Military Museum

Contact: (479) 521-4947
Website: arkansasairandmilitary.com
Summary: help run the museum
Requirements: none
Who they’re looking for: tour guides, volunteer coordinator, landscapers, aircraft restorers, carpenters, researchers, aircraft/display cleaners, librarians, etc.

While those with any mechanical abilities are definitely welcome and needed, there are several positions that don’t require these skills. For example, Boudreaux is looking for a volunteer coordinator with excellent organizational skills. Docents are always needed as well.

In the summer, on the third Saturday of each month, the museum holds its “Airport Days!” events. Volunteers are always needed for these events to cook pancakes, hamburgers and hotdogs and to help out.

The museum only has two administrative employees – everyone else is a volunteer.

“The most important thing to understand is that we can’t exist without volunteers,” Boudreaux said. “We covet their time.”

Volunteer restoration crewmember Bill Zemp says the best Arkansas Air and Military Museum volunteers have an outgoing personality and like to work with people.

Those interested in volunteering can sign up at arkansasairandmilitary.com or send the museum a message on their Facebook page.