Marijuana Dispensary Sign Posted On College Avenue

A sign advertising a Marijuana dispensary appeared on an abandoned building in Fayetteville April 1.

Photo: Dustin Bartholomew

This might be the best April Fools’ joke you’ll see today.

A sign for what would be Arkansas’ first marijuana dispensary appeared on an abandoned EZ Mart location Wednesday. Of course, marijuana is still illegal in Arkansas. It is also likely no coincidence that the banner appeared on April 1.

The ten-foot banner placed on the front of the building, located at 2341 N. College Ave., advertises “Arkansas grown” marijuana dispensary will open on April 20 (4/20 Get it?).

According to the sign, the business would serve “Madison County’s finest” crops for both “medicinal and recreational” use.

We don’t have a clue who hung the sign there, and according to Flyer reader Ashley who sent us the tip, the building owner has no idea where it came from, either.

Nice work, prankster. Happy April Fools’ Day.