Core Brewing Company to open Fayetteville pub, debut new bottled beers

New Core bottles being filled


Springdale-based Core Brewing Company is set to open their first Fayetteville location this summer.

According to owner Jesse Core, the plan is to open a new pub on Mall Avenue in a portion of the space currently occupied by OK China Buffet across from Noodles Italian Kitchen.

Core said the pub will occupy about one-third of the space, and will have a similar feel to other Core locations in Springdale and Rogers.

“We’re going to put our spin on it,” he said. “It will have kind of the industrial feel like at the original brewery, or that you see in our new Rogers location. It will be an English-style pub like you’d see in the UK.”

Core said the new location will also feature a custom wood-top bar, which has become sort of a trademark for Core tasting rooms across the region.

“We like to use a different theme for each of our wood-top bars,” he said. “We used cedar in Springdale, black walnut in Rogers, and we’ll use a different wood in Fayetteville.”

The new pub will serve Core’s extensive lineup of locally-brewed beers, their new line of ciders, as well as hot dogs and popcorn.

The space will also feature a 1,400-square-foot patio overlooking Mud Creek Trail.

If all goes well, Core said the new location will be open and serving up tasty brews sometime in mid- to late-June.

New bottled beers

In addition to the new pub, Core has some other big news to share this week.

The brewery on Wednesday announced a new line of 12-oz. bottled beers set to hit store shelves on May 4.

According to the announcement, 10 of the brewery’s varieties will be sold in bottles, including their Arkansas Red, Behemoth Pilsner, ESB, Leghound Lager, Waterfall Wheat, Easy Livin’ IPA, Hazelnut Brown, Hilltop IPA, Oatmeal Stout, and Toasted Coconut.

The bottled beers will be sold in six-packs.

In addition, the brewery has rebranded their cans with a new look, and will be selling them in six-packs, 12-packs, and mix-pack sampler packs.

“We are very excited about our prospects in the bottled beer market,” said Matt Biles, sales and marketing director. “Without a doubt, this new premium offering will allow us to engage with new retail customers and consumers, and will give us additional opportunities for growth.”

Tasting events

To celebrate the new offerings, Core has scheduled 20 tasting events over the next several days across the region.

Among them is an event on Friday, May 1 at Kingfish from 7-9 p.m. Kingfish was one of the first bars to offer Core beer in Northwest Arkansas.

Wasabi will host a tasting on Monday, May 4 on their patio. The event will include live music from Voxana, and special drawings for prizes every 30 minutes from 6-9 p.m.

Maxine’s Tap Room will host a tasting on Tuesday, May 5, with samples of several new brews available, merchandise giveaways, and a Cinco de Mayo celebration from 6-8 p.m.

A full list of tasting events coming up are listed below.

May 1
4 p.m. – Liquor World, Fayetteville
7 p.m. – Kingfish Bar, Fayetteville

May 2
3 p.m. – Guess Who, Bentonville
4 p.m. – Macadoodle’s, Springdale
8 p.m. – Sideways, Fayetteville

May 4th
4 p.m. – Hollywood Liquor, Rogers
6 p.m. – Beef O Brady’s, Bentonville
6 p.m. – Wasabi and Shogun, Fayetteville

May 5
4 p.m. – Nathans Cellar, Centerton
6 p.m. – Maxine’s Tap Room, Fayetteville

May 6
3 p.m. – County Line Liquors, Springdale
5 p.m. – Wedington Liquor, Fayetteville
6 p.m. – Cannibal & Craft, Fayetteville
6 p.m. – The Big Chill, Rogers

May 7
4:30 p.m. – Dickson Street Liquor, Fayetteville
6 p.m. – Pressroom, Bentonville
5 p.m. – First Thursday Fayetteville
9 p.m. – Brewskis, Fayetteville

May 8
4 p.m. – Crossover Liquor, Fayetteville
8 p.m. – Dickson St. Social Club, Fayetteville
6 p.m. – Copeland’s, Rogers
6 p.m. – Levi’s Gastrolounge, Rogers