Slide the City permit application approved second time around

Courtesy photo

It looks like Fayetteville will get its giant slip-and-slide after all.

Folks were pretty bummed to hear that Slide the City was initially denied a permit to build one of their popular slides on Dickson Street one day this fall, but things are looking up.

The company has partnered with Soldier On Service Dogs, a local non-profit organization that provides trained service dogs to veterans in Northwest Arkansas, who re-applied for the permit to host the event. The application was approved on Friday.

Sharon Waters, Fayetteville’s former Parking & Telecommunications Manager who also handles special event permits, told us back in February the original permit was rejected because the city doesn’t close public property for long periods of time for for-profit entities.

With Soldier On Service Dogs as the applicant, however, that objection was taken care of. Soldier On also applied to host the event on a Sunday instead of a busy Saturday night, a change that was likely much easier for the city to get behind.

For their part, Solider On will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales of tickets, which range from $15-$60.

There is a catch, though. According to Angie Pratt, Soldier On’s executive director, the organization will benefit most from the event if customers pre-order tickets online using the promo-code “dogs.” Anyone who uses the promo-code will also receive a 10 percent discount.

The event is set for Sunday, Aug. 30 on Dickson Street. Slide the city offers a few different packages for would-be-sliders, from one-time slides to all-day VIP passes, and all of the packages are on sale at