Foster homes needed after 22 abandoned cats found in southeast Fayetteville

A crew with Fayetteville Animal Services found 22 cats and kittens abandoned in the grass at an empty subdivision off Happy Hollow Road Wednesday morning.


The Fayetteville Animal Services division is asking residents to consider temporarily fostering a cat or kitten after nearly two dozen animals were found abandoned Wednesday morning at an empty subdivision off Happy Hollow Road.

A division crew found three mother cats each with litters ranging in age from two weeks to four weeks old. Two kittens had already died by the time officials arrived at the scene.

Tony Rankin, programs manager, said the cats are friendly and had obviously been taken care of.

“They clearly belong to someone,” said Rankin.

Anyone with information regarding the illegal abandonment of the cats is encouraged to call Fayetteville Animal Services at 479-444-3456.


Officials said the division has been inundated with kittens over the last few weeks, taking in 40 cats and kittens aside from the cats received Wednesday.

“We offer low-cost or even free spay/neuter services all year long and we encourage people to please take advantage of these services,” said Rankin. “There is no sense in having this happen. The litters taken in today will be on medical hold for at least five days. Most of them were very ill.”

Rankin said there are currently five other litters needing immediate foster care. The kittens are all eating on their own and only need another few weeks of fostering before they are ready for adoption. Animal Services can provide food and supplies, if needed.

Anyone who is interested in fostering an animal should call Joni Mosher, programs administrator, at 479-444-3456 and press 0.

“We cannot save these lives without the help of our community,” Rankin said.