AD: Is it time to talk to someone? Introducing new online therapy company Ok Let’s Talk

Martha Hamm, LCSW / Courtesy photo

Introducing OK LET’S TALK, an online therapy and counseling service founded in Northwest Arkansas by Martha Hamm, LCSW.

OK, Let’s Talk provides private counseling and online therapy from the comfort of your own home, on your time.

  • Chat Anonymously
    We have a service called Caring listeners Chat available via instant messaging to accommodate today’s fast paced life.
  • Video Conference with a therapist
    You can talk and interact with our therapists using video conference. Your visit is confidential and supported by a HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.

Why use online therapy?

Online Therapy allows our clients to relax and focus on their feelings, without the possibility of a chance embarrassing encounter with an acquaintance in a waiting room or having to process a new environment.

We offer stress management, meditation skills, mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral strategies, self-esteem enhancement and improvement, goal setting, coaching and working with you to remove barriers to success. We also provide self-acceptance and assistance in coping with loss of loved ones through death, break-ups, or relocation.

Meet Martha Hamm, LCSW

The client is the creator of the path. The therapist is the guide to the discovery of the path. Martha will tailor her approach to your situation based on an extensive knowledge of theoretical approaches and therapy practices and considerable life experiences. Her style is casual, direct and validating. You will collaborate to meet your goals. Come on in and work with Martha Hamm and other counselors to create your best you!

To learn more go to We offer a free trial! Free 20 minutes therapy session either by video conferencing or chat.

Northwest Arkansas clients, please enter the coupon code nwa2015 to save an additional 10% off your purchase.

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