AD: Ozark Escape debuts new haunted escape rooms just in time for Halloween

The witching hour is nigh and things that go bump in the night await you at Ozark Escape this month.

In honor of Halloween, Ozark Escape has added a spooky twist to their hugely popular escape rooms in October; they’re haunted!

For those who aren’t familiar, Ozark Escape is a real life entertainment adventure that puts you against a clock in an attempt to escape a locked room.

To play, they put a small team of 2-10 people in a locked room and challenge them to escape in 60 minutes by finding clues, solving puzzles, and cracking codes. While the door to the room is locked, there is always an emergency exit that will open if anyone needs to leave.

Try to escape themed rooms like The Haunting of Dorian Gray, or Murder In Apartment 23 if you dare. (Ages 12 and up.)

Get locked in Foul Play where shadows lurk in a spooky forest, or Binary: The World In Black And White – what’s in the mad scientist’s lab? (Ages 8 and up.)

We’ll be open late as well, with late night games every Friday and Saturday night.

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Ozark Escape’s Haunted Rooms

The Haunting Of Dorian Gray
Be transported to Victorian England and the home of Dorian Gray, a hedonistic man whose callous cruelty has led to the death of his lover, Sibyl. Sibyl haunts the house and will haunt you until you escape the room.

Murder In Apartment 23
A bloody murder has been committed in Apartment 23. Some say strange things still happen there. Working at the scene of the crime, you are racing against the clock to solve the case and find the murderer.

Foul Play
Are you ready for a challenge? Foul Play is our hardest room yet! A prospective U of A football player is missing. His last known location is Devil’s Den State Park. This room has football, mystery, local flavor, and a surprise or two.

Binary: The World In Black & White
With its sharp contrasts and whimsical details, this room appeals to young and old alike. Be ready to get your Einstein on. Chock full of puzzles, will you be able to solve them all in time?

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