Fayetteville named the best affordable place to live in the U.S.

Mural by Jason Jones / File photo

Consider the seal broken.

Just months after being named the third best place to live in the U.S., Fayetteville has received another impressive recognition.

U.S. News & World Report broke down its recent list of the 100 Best Places to Live, and found that Fayetteville is the most affordable of them all.

After examining how much of a person’s annual income is required to own or rent a home in each city – including the cost of utilities – the report placed Fayetteville at the top of the list.

The findings of the two reports mirror what a lot of people have apparently already discovered: Fayetteville is one of the few great places in the country that are financially feasible to live in.

For three straight years, Fayetteville has led Arkansas in population growth estimates, making it the fastest-growing city in the state.

It was the only city in U.S. News’s original Top 10 best places to live to make the new Top 10 list. Des Moines, Iowa, which was listed as the 11th best place to live, was named the No. 2 most affordable city.

“As the fastest growing city in Arkansas, Fayetteville has a higher median home price than other metro areas on the list while still lower than the national average,” the latest report stated. “But with low rent and cost of utilities, the average individual spends less than 24 percent of their income on housing costs.”

To see the full list of best affordable places, visit realestate.usnews.com.

Top 10 Best Affordable Places to Live

1. Fayetteville, Arkansas (3rd best place to live)
2. Des Moines, Iowa (11th best place to live)
3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana (63rd best place to live)
4. Little Rock, Arkansas (32nd best place to live)
5. Indianapolis (43rd best place to live)
6. Louisville, Kentucky (#45 best place to live)
7. Wichita, Kansas (#58 best place to live)
8. Grand Rapids, Michigan (#13 best place to live)
9. Tulsa, Oklahoma (#33 best place to live)
10. Oklahoma City (#31 best place to live)