List of proposed new sidewalks headed to City Council for approval

Vehicles travel along Green Acres Road between Poplar and Elm streets Wednesday morning in midtown Fayetteville.

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Fayetteville could add over a mile of new sidewalks next year if a proposed plan is given the green light later this month.

Members of the City Council’s Transportation Committee last week approved the 2017 sidewalk improvement project list, which includes about 6,778 feet of new sidewalks and maintenance in all four of the city’s wards.

It’s now up to the full council to approve the project, likely at the Dec. 20 meeting.

The work would be paid for using the city’s street fund, which includes $1.87 million for street maintenance and $406,000 for sidewalk maintenance in 2017.

Another 2,500 feet of sidewalk is scheduled to be built along the west side of College Avenue using money from transportation bonds voters approved in 2006.

The proposed work includes 1,225 feet of sidewalk on the east side of South School Avenue from Southgate Shopping Center to 19th Street in south Fayetteville.

Other large projects include a 1,310-foot sidewalk on the south side of Deane Street from Porter Road to Sang Avenue, and 735 feet of sidewalk along the north side of Mount Comfort Road from the city limits to Hidden Creek Drive.

A third large project proposed for next year was amended during Tuesday’s meeting at the request of Alderman Matthew Petty, who serves as chair of the committee.

Petty requested a tweak to a multi-year plan to build a sidewalk on the west side of Green Acres Road. Instead of starting at College Avenue and working north, Petty suggested the city first construct a sidewalk between Poplar and Elm streets, a move he said would have a quicker impact on more people, by giving students a safer way to walk between Woodland Junior High School and the neighborhood to the north.

Transportation Director Terry Gulley agreed to the idea, and said crews could work on the remainder of the road starting in 2018.

The committee also approved and forwarded to the council a proposed list of asphalt overlay and microseal projects for next year.

Below are the full lists of recommended sidewalk construction projects, asphalt overlays, and microseals for 2017:

2017 Proposed Sidewalk Projects

Ward 1 From To Length
School Ave. Shopping Center 19th St. 1,225 ft.
Ward 2 From To Length
Deane St. Porter Rd. Sang Ave. 1,310 ft.
Gregg Ave. Existing sidewalk Elm St. 480 ft.
Gregg Ave. Lafayette St. Dickson St. 265 ft.
Green Acres Rd.* Elm St. Poplar St. 640 ft.
Porter Rd. Sycamore St. Houston St. 288 ft.
College Ave.** North St. Maple St. 2,520 ft.
Ward 3 From To Length
Old Missouri Rd. Cinnamon Way Honeysuckle Ln. 300 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Clearwood Dr. Existing sidewalk Salem Rd. 310 ft.
Mount Comfort Rd. City limits Hidden Creek Dr. 735 ft.
Salem Rd. Existing sidewalk Clearwood Dr. 225 ft.

NOTE: Officials expect to complete about 1,000 additional feet of repairs and maintenance in various locations around town.
* Scheduled to be extended from Poplar St. to College Ave. in 2017.
** Project to be paid for using transportation bonds, not the street fund.

2017 Proposed Asphalt Overlay Projects

Ward 1 From To Length
5th St. Happy Hollow Rd. Dead end 1,437 ft.
Sherman Ave. 5th St. Huntsville Rd. 560 ft.
South St. College Ave. Archibald Yell Blvd. 932 ft.
Hill Ave. MLK Blvd. 11th St. 1,619 ft.
Ellis Ave. Hill Ave. 15th St 1,662 ft.
Ward 2 From To Length
Frisco St. Frisco Ave. Maple St. 612 ft.
Alley College Ave. Meadow Ave. 520 ft.
Walnut Ave. Rebecca St. Gunter St. 689 ft.
Alley Stone St. Dead End 176 ft.
Leverett Ave. Poplar St. North St. 4,060ft.
Stadium Dr. Clinton Dr. Leroy Pond Dr. 800 ft.
Clinton Dr. Stadium Dr. 300 ft.
North St. Mission Blvd. Gregg Ave. 5,269 ft.
Maple St. College Ave. Highland Ave. 400 ft.
Gunter St. Mission Blvd. Walnut Ave. 924 ft.
Ward 3 From To Length
Joyce Blvd. Old Missouri Rd. Vantage Dr. 500 ft.
Joyce Blvd. Crossover Rd. Old Missouri Rd. 6,528 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Cleveland Ave. Garland Ave. Razorback Rd. 1,580 ft.
46th Ave. Wedington Dr. Tumbleweed St. 1,200 ft.

2017 Proposed Microseal Projects

Ward 3 From To Length
Township St. Vandergriff Dr. Cul de sac 2,507 ft.
Covington Blvd. Mission Blvd. Township St. 1,710 ft.
Chatsworth Rd. Worthington Way Cul de sac 2,310 ft.
Worthington Way Township St. Chatsworth Rd. 1,085 ft.
Fennchurch Way Township St. Chatsworth Rd. 1,028 ft.
Middleton Way Township St. Chatsworth Rd. 1,000 ft.
Litchfield Ln. Township St. Chatsworth Rd. 381 ft.
Kittery Ln. Township St. Chatsworth Rd. 326 ft.
Norwich Ln. Worthington Way Chatsworth Rd. 800 ft.
Inverness Ln. Township St. Dead End 120 ft.
Aspen Dr. Mission Blvd. Redwood Dr. 1,578 ft.
Redwood Dr. Aspen Dr. Blue Mesa Dr. 462 ft.
Blue Mesa Dr. Aspen Dr. Redwood Dr. 1,157 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Crownflower Dr. Queen Anne Lace Dr. Larkspur Dr. 400 ft.
Queen Anne Lace Dr. Bell Flower Dr. Blazing Star Dr. 915 ft.
Blazing Star Dr. Queen Anne Lace Dr. Bell Flower Dr. 611 ft.
Bell Flower Dr. Blazing Star Dr. Meadowlands Dr. 765 ft.
Larkspur Ln. Daisy Ln. Daisy Ln. 828 ft.
Wordsworth Ln. Cul de sac Meadowlands Dr. 531 ft.
Alley 4105 Alley 798 Meadowlands Dr. 565 ft.
Alley 798 Alley 4105 Alley 4040 288 ft.
Alley 4040 Alley 798 Meadowlands Dr. 678 ft.
Alley 766 Wordsworth Ln. Alley 4040 88 ft.