TRAIL TOUR: Take a photo tour of the nature trail at Lake Fayetteville

A monument at Veterans Memorial Park in north Fayetteville pays tribute to the many hours of volunteer work performed by Ozark Off Road Cyclists and Progressive Trail Design to improve and maintain the soft-surface natural trail around Lake Fayetteville.

Photos by Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

With a possible change on the horizon to make the Lake Fayetteville natural surface trail a one-way route for mountain bikers, we thought it’d be fun to spend a couple of hours on the trail with a camera to show unfamiliar folks what the area looks like, just like our tour of the new Town Branch Trail in south Fayetteville.

Obviously, this is not the paved, multi-use trail that surrounds the lake. This is the older, soft-surface trail enjoyed for years by hikers, joggers, dog walkers and cyclists.

We began our hike working clockwise around Lake Fayetteville from the east side of the parking lot at Veterans Memorial Park.

These photos were taken in early December, so things will look a little different if you’re planning on heading out in the spring or summer.

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