Crews to begin herbicide treatments for weed control on city property

Fayetteville crews are set to begin a series of herbicide treatments for weed control on city property this week.

Applications of several types of herbicides are scheduled to be sprayed on property perimeters, along fence rows, and some inaccessible areas from Feb. 27 through Sept. 30, according to a news release.

Products used will include Trimec Encore (MCPA+mecroprop+dicamba), Tordon (Picloran), Roundup (glyphosate), Poast (sethoxydim), Manage (halosulfuron), and Barricade (prodiamine).

Properties to receive applications include Drake Field Municipal Airport, Fleet Operations and Public Works complex, and various greenspace areas along West Dickson Street and North College Avenue. Spot applications will occur in right-of-ways and on city-owned property in the downtown square area, including the following municipal parking lots:

Lot 1 – north of City Hall between Mountain Street and Center Street
Lot 5 – on the northwest corner of East Avenue and Meadow Street
Lot 7 – on the northeast corner of Center Street and Church Avenue
Lot 12 – on the southwest corner of Church Avenue and Center Street
Lot 13 – on the southwest corner of East Avenue and Spring Street
Rock Street Lot – directly south of the Town Center Parking Deck

Officials said signs will be posted to notify residents of the scheduled application dates and will include trade and common names of each herbicide to be applied.