Razorback Transit buses get new look

Photos by Russell Cothren, University Relations

Fayetteville residents may notice some new Razorback red buses driving around Fayetteville soon.

The buses are part of the University of Arkansas’ Razorback Transit system, which has developed a bit of a new look recently.

The department recently purchased three new buses to replace some of the older ones in service, and they got a redesign in the process.

The redesigned buses feature more Razorback red than the white buses that we’ve all become accustomed to seeing around town, and feature some of the sharp lines recently included on some of the Razorback uniforms. The buses also include a Razorback logo in the design.

“We worked with athletics to make sure we were supporting their brand, worked up the design we wanted, then got a few tweaks from the folks at University Relations to get just the look we wanted,” said Adam Waddell, associate director of Transit and Parking.

The three new buses are 40 foot-long, low floor, heavy duty buses, the UA said, with clean diesel engines that can carry 70 passengers similar to several of the existing buses on campus.

Over time, more of the buses will be replaced with the new design. According to a post on UA newswire, three more buses will be retired next year, and will be replaced with the new design. Other buses in the system will be replaced gradually as well as funding becomes available.

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