Huge Lightning Comedy Festival returns for second year April 20-22

A photo from last year’s Huge Lightning Comedy Festival


It has been proven to decrease stress. It triggers the release of endorphins. Is is well known to be the best medicine.

It’s laughter, and some local folks have created a festival with the hopes of creating a whole bunch of it in Fayetteville this month.

What: Huge Lightning Comedy Festival
When: April 20-22
Where: Path Outfitters, Fayetteville
Cost: $10-$40

For the second straight year, local comedian Jordan Haynes and friends will put on their Huge Lightning Comedy Festival in the spring in Fayetteville. This year’s event is set for April 20-22 at Path Outfitters in Fayetteville.

Haynes, an Arkansas native, got the idea for the event while he was giving comedy a shot himself in Chicago, and attended a comedy festival that brought together many of that area’s finest improv troupes.

“I thought…this would be a perfect fit for Fayetteville,” Jordan told us in an interview last year. “People would lose their minds.”

After a successful first year in 2016, the lineup is even more impressive in year two.

“We’ve got so many great comedians, performers, musicians, and artists that are going to make this a truly unique and unmissable event,” Haynes said.

The event includes stand up comedians, improv troupes, music, with a healthy mix of local talent as well as other funny folks from all around the country. Comedians and improv troupes form Chicago, New York, and Kansas City will travel to Fayetteville to perform at this year’s event.

“The biggest highlight for me is really just getting to see the local, regional, and national acts all under the same roof for a weekend,” Haynes said. “That’s kind of what makes this event so great. It’s just so special to see all these talented people from all over the place meet each other and have a blast together.”

One of the standout groups from last year’s festival was Chicago-based Morning Gents, who are back in town for this year’s event. The troupe will perform on both Friday and Saturday night this year.

In addition to the individual performances by comedians and improv-ers, this year’s event will include the “HUGE Arkansas Cagematch,” an improv competition featuring local groups Phunbags, Laugh Track and Field from the University of Arkansas, and Naturally Improvable from Fort Smith.

The full lineup for this year’s event is available here.

Tickets are around $10 per session, or $15 for a one-night pass. For more info, or to purchase tickets, visit