Fayetteville City Council member Alan Long resigns, Ward 4 applicants needed immediately

Alan Long / Courtesy photo

Fayetteville City Council member Alan Long has resigned after nearly five years of service in Ward 4.

Long’s first four-year term in office began in January 2013. He was just 11 months into his second four-year term when he resigned over the weekend.

In a Nov. 18 letter to Mayor Lioneld Jordan, Long cited family and professional obligations as his reason for stepping down. His resignation is effective immediately.

City Attorney Kit Williams said the remaining council members have two options for replacing Long, but must act quickly if they’re to abide by state law.

According to ACA 14-4311, the council must either elect a new member to serve the remaining unexpired term or call for a special public election. Regardless of that decision, an option must be chosen “at the first regular meeting after the occurrence of the vacancy.”

The council’s next regular session is 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21 inside City Hall room 219.

Williams said in the past there has been more time to plan for a replacement when a member resigns, and that previous councils have called for applicants to submit letters of interest followed by interviews.

“I do not know if attempting to get applications would be feasible tomorrow night with so little time for persons to apply,” Williams wrote in a memo to the council.

Williams recommending placing the item of business at the end of Tuesday’s agenda to allow time for anyone interested in the position to appear before the council.

Don Marr, the mayor’s chief of staff, said Monday he didn’t know which avenue the council would choose, but urged anyone interested in the position to attend Tuesday’s meeting and make their interest known when the item of business begins.

Candidates may also contact the City Clerk’s office at 479-575-8323, or visit 113 W. Mountain Street
Room 308.

Long’s replacement must reside within Ward 4, which contains a large portion of west Fayetteville, including Razorback Stadium, Holt Middle School, Holcomb Elementary School, and the Boys & Girls Club of Fayetteville.

The unexpired term ends Dec. 31, 2020.

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Resignation letter from Alan Long

Mayor Jordan,

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as a city council member for the citizens of Fayetteville since 2013. Helping my constituents with various concerns has truly brought joy to my life. My goal has always been to help the citizens of Fayetteville have better access to their local government, and it has been my pleasure to work towards that goal.

The citizens of west Fayetteville have vast concerns regarding traffic infrastructure, extended commute times due to lacking connectivity, access to pedestrian modes of transportation, and the lack of parks that service the thousands of homes in west and northwest Fayetteville.

Additionally, the growth of the University of Arkansas has increased the strain on Fayetteville infrastructure, especially in Ward four. This impact has caused great concern in campus edge areas due to over-occupancy of residential single family homes and the related increased traffic patterns. It is my hope that the City of Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas will continue to work in tandem to solve these issues and be proactive in planning for growth in Fayetteville. I have done my best to highlight those concerns while serving my constituents.

After much consideration, I have decided to resign my position on the Fayetteville City Council. I have come to this decision due to family and professional obligations combined with the enormous time commitment required of a council member. I sincerely hope that those who follow in my place will have the passion for public service and constituent outreach that I do. I have confidence that the current city council will continue to carry out goals and endeavors that will benefit all of Fayetteville.

To all of my fellow council members and the citizens of Fayetteville, thank you for the opportunity that you have given me. It is with a great sense of gratitude and respect for the citizens of Fayetteville that I resign my position effective immediately.

Alan Long