List of proposed new sidewalks headed to City Council for approval

A section of Meadow Street between Block and East avenues is set for a sidewalk improvement project in 2018.

Photo: Todd Gill, Fayetteville Flyer

Update: This list was amended to remove the Halsell Road and Oliver Avenue sidewalks at the Jan. 2 City Council meeting. It was then passed.

Fayetteville could add over a mile of new sidewalks next year if a proposed plan is given the green light later this month.

Members of the City Council’s Transportation Committee this week approved the 2018 sidewalk improvement project list, which includes about 7,220 feet of new sidewalks and maintenance in all four of the city’s wards.

It’s now up to the full council to approve the project later this month.

The proposed work includes 1,000 feet of sidewalk on both sides of Huntsville Road from Blair Avenue to Morningside Drive in southeast Fayetteville.

Other large projects include a 1,100-foot sidewalk on the north side of Halsell Road from Cross to Oliver avenues, 1,050 feet along the west side of Green Acres Road from Poplar Street to College Avenue, 660 feet of sidewalk along both sides of Meadow Street from Block to East avenues, and 650 feet along either the east or west side of Oliver Avenue from Maple Street to Halsell Road.

Terry Gulley, Transportation Services director, said one project in downtown Fayetteville will help better connect the Chancellor Hotel to Block Avenue. Officials hope to add sidewalks on both sides of Meadow Street from Block to East Avenue, however the project will require narrowing the road because of two buildings that are already pushed up to the curb. If approved, the project will include street trees and lamps to match the improvements made to Block Avenue several years ago.

Below are the full lists of recommended sidewalk construction projects and asphalt overlays for 2018.

2018 Proposed Sidewalk Projects

Ward 1 From To Length
MLK Jr. Boulevard (north side) College Avenue Washington Avenue 150 ft.
Huntsville Road (both sides) Blair Avenue Morningside Drive 1,000 ft.
Ward 2 From To Length
Dickson Street (north side) Washington Avenue Willow Avenue 410 ft.
Meadow Street (both sides) Block Avenue East Avenue 660 ft.
Green Acres Road (west side) Poplar Street College Avenue 1,050 ft.
Ward 3 From To Length
Mission Boulevard (north side) East Oaks Drive Crossover Road 250 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Halsell Road (north side) Cross Avenue Oliver Avenue 1,100 ft.
Oliver Avenue (east or west) Maple Street Halsell Road 650 ft.

NOTE: Officials expect to complete about 900 additional feet of repairs and maintenance in various locations around town.

2018 Proposed Overlay Projects

Ward 1 From To Length
Leroy Pond Drive Stadium Drive Razorback Road 590 ft.
Graham Avenue Center Street Nettleship Street 646 ft.
Morningside Drive 15th Street Pump Station Road 2,312 ft.
Nettleship Street Eastern Avenue Cross Avenue 981 ft.
Cross Avenue Stone Street Nettleship Street 628 ft.
Main Street Cross Avenue Sang Avenue 605 ft.
Conner Street Dead End Trent Avenue 282 ft.
Trent Avenue Conner Street Spring Street 236 ft.
Washington Avenue Conner Street Spring Street 222 ft.
Huntsville Road Wood Avenue Happy Hollow Road 5,466 ft.
Wood Avenue Huntsville Road MLK Jr. Boulevard 524 ft.
Ward 2 From To Length
School Avenue Mountain Street Spring Street 222 ft.
West Avenue Spring Street Center Street 705 ft.
Spring Street School Avenue West Avenue 340 ft.
Alley Spring Street Dead End 236 ft.
Alley Gregg Street Dead End 279 ft.
Gregg Street Dickson Street Lafayette Street 689 ft.
Eagle Street Leverett Avenue Storer Avenue 330 ft.
Mountain Street School Street Block Avenue 1,050 ft.
Storer Avenue Cleveland Street North Street 1,270 ft.
St. Charles Avenue Lafayette Street Dickson Street 975 ft.
East Avenue Mountain Street Rock Street 347 ft.
Center Street Church Avenue Block Avenue 363 ft.
Block Avenue Mountain Street Rock Street 374 ft.
South Street School Street West Avenue 329 ft.
Lindell Avenue Douglas Street Cleveland Street 742 ft.
Dickson Street Arkansas Avenue Intersection 115 ft.
University Avenue Dickson Street Center Street 1,259 ft.
Green Acres Poplar Street Colt Square Drive 1,435 ft.
Center Street Locust Avenue School Avenue 120 ft.
Maple Street College Avenue West Avenue 2,770 ft.
Meadow Street Block Avenue East Avenue 235 ft.
Ward 3 From To Length
Masonic Drive Nottingham Place Cul de sac 768 ft.
Summerhill Drive Stubblefield Road Masonic Drive 1,002 ft.
Windsor Place Cul de sac Summerhill Drive 274 ft.
Oxford Place Cul de sac Summerhill Drive 229 ft.
Langston Place Cul de sac Summerhill Drive 291 ft.
Wimbledon Place Cul de sac Summerhill Drive 253 ft.
Joyce Boulevard Vantage Drive College Avenue 7,270 ft.
Rolling Hills Boulevard College Avenue Oaks Manor Drive 445 ft.
Applebury Drive Hope Street Columbus Boulevard 1,640 ft.
Farr Lane Old Missouri Road Dead End 650 ft.
Columbus Boulevard Eastwood Drive Applebury Drive 1,018 ft.
Ward 4 From To Length
Salem Road Mount Comfort Road City Limits 6,437 ft.
Moore Lane Deane Solomon Road Shiloh Drive 2,220 ft.
Salem Road Add Turn Lane   500 ft.
Center Street Razorback Road Palmer Avenue 825 ft.
Palmer Avenue Center Street Markham Road 1,269ft.
Hotz Drive Razorback Road Palmer Avenue 795 ft.
Thomas Avenue Hotz Drive Markham Road 490 ft.