Fayetteville rolls out free public Wi-Fi in 10 locations

Free public Wi-Fi was recently added at Wilson Park as part of an expansion that includes 9 other locations in Fayetteville.

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Fayetteville has expanded its public Wi-Fi access to include 10 new locations around town.

Free Wi-Fi was added in 8 public parks, as well as in two popular parking locations near Dickson Street.

The new locations are in addition to existing free Wi-Fi areas on the downtown square, the public library, and the city’s senior center.

The city recently negotiated a new telecommunications contract that includes the new Wi-Fi locations as well as faster speeds, all with a $605 savings each month, according to a news release.

To connect to a free Wi-Fi spot, select the network named “City of Fayetteville Public Wi-Fi.” Once connected, look for a pop-up splash screen or navigate to the device’s browser and accept the terms of use.

New free Wi-Fi in parks:

  • Bryce Davis Park – 1595 N. Dartmouth Ave.
  • Gary Hampton Softball Complex – 2790 N. Salem Road
  • Gulley Park – 1850 E. Township St.
  • Kessler Mountain Regional Park – 2600 W. Judge Cummings Road
  • Lake Fayetteville – 1330 E. Lake Fayetteville Road
  • Veterans Memorial Park – 4451 N. Vantage Drive
  • Walker Park – 10 W. 15th St.
  • Wilson Park – 675 Park Ave.

New free Wi-fi also available:

  • Dickson Street Parking – West Avenue and Dickson Street lots
  • Spring Street Parking Deck – 221 N. School Ave.

Existing free Wi-fi available:

  • Downtown Fayetteville Square – 1 W. Center St.
  • Fayetteville Public Library – 401 W. Mountain St.
  • Fayetteville Senior Activity & Wellness Center – 945 S. College Ave.