Tell us your True Detective stories

The building formerly home to Bear’s Place on 15th street has been one of the locations used for the upcoming third season of True Detective now being filmed in Fayetteville.

Staff photo

By now, pretty much everyone in town knows that the third season of HBO’s True Detective is being filmed in Fayetteville.

The show’s creator, Louisiana native Nic Pizzolatto, received his MFA at the University of Arkansas, and apparently, he still has an affinity for our Ozark mountain town (enough at least to make it the setting for the third season of the show).

We know that production crews have been spotted working in various neighborhoods in south Fayetteville. They were at Bear’s Place last week. Over the weekend, they were apparently working at AQ Chicken in Springdale.

We all know that actors Mahershala Ali, Carmen Ejogo, Scoot McNairy and Stephen Dorff will star in the third season of the show, and all or most of these stars are working somewhere in town at this very moment.

What we haven’t heard (yet) are your stories.

We thought it’d be fun to put out a call for local folks to share their True Detective stories in the comments of this post. Did you have beers with one of the actors? Did you score a role as an extra in one of the scenes? Did you spot the crews working in your neighborhood?

We’re not looking for plot spoilers or anything like that, so please keep those to yourself, but if you have a cool story about an interaction with the cast or crew of the series, or some other interesting tidbits about the show, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.