FLYER Q&A: Molly Burch to play at Smoke & Barrel Nov. 8

Photo: Kelly Giarrocco

Molly Burch‘s break-up record was her 2017 debut, Please Be Mine. Its intimate focus on an unrequited romance created an instant connection with her listeners. It was bolstered by straight-forward and confessional songs with an effortless vocal delivery. Burch’s voice sounds timeless, it’s the omnipotent force that drives her songs.

Who: Molly Burch / Constant Stranger
When: 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8
Where: Smoke & Barrel Tavern, 324 W. Dickson St.
Cost: $10-$12 + fees at
More: See the Facebook event

Burch just released her sophomore record, First Flower. On First Flower, Burch expands her focus. She’s still examining nostalgia and lost love, but from new perspectives. On the opening song “Candy,” Burch sounds more confident and defiant, it sets the tone of First Flower right out of the gate. The new record is more diverse than Please Be Mine, with soaring vocals throughout.

Molly Burch plays in Fayetteville on Thursday, Nov. 8 at Smoke & Barrel Tavern with Constant Stranger (Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster). I asked Molly some questions on a break from tour and here they are…

How would you describe your music to a stranger?
I always just say pop music to make it easy.

You just released your second record. Any stories from writing or recording you’d like to share?
I wrote the album last fall when I was living a bit outside of Austin, TX in a small town called Lockhart. I had nothing but time on my hands after touring so much for my first album. I was struggling a lot with anxiety and self doubt during the time I was writing, but it ultimately gave me a lot to write about.

When you’re writing a record, when is it done? Do you ever change songs on tour?
I think it’s done when you write enough songs! I wrote about 14 songs in a short period of time and we recorded 13 of them and kept 11 for the album. Change songs? No! Haha.

What do you do in the tour van between shows? And what’s the first thing you do in a new city?
We listen to music, laugh a lot, nap, read, the boys play chess on their phones, and we listen to podcasts. When we get to a new city we’re usually heading straight to sound check.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
No, not really. Too busy for that. But I want to get better at it.

It was just Halloween week. Do you enjoy horror movies? What’s your favorite?
I love Halloween! I guess I’m not into horror movies because I get scared. I really want to watch “Hocus Pocus” or “Scream.”

What have you been reading lately? Is there a novel or poem that’s snuck into one of your songs?
Nothing snuck in. I’m reading “My Year of Rest and Relaxation” by Ottessa Moshfegh. And I just finished “Motherhood” by Sheila Heti.

Have you been to Arkansas before? Anything you’re looking forward to doing in Fayetteville?
I have! Last summer I was there recording on my dear friend Jordan Moser’s album. Keep your eyes peeled for him! I’m looking forward to this show because it’s our last one on this tour so it’ll be so fun and also I will probably cry.