Bordinos staff creates gingerbread Walton Arts Center

A gingerbread Walton Arts Center created by staff at Bordinos

Courtesy photo

The staff at Bordinos re-started an old holiday tradition last year when they created a gingerbread version of Old Main for the holidays.

This year, they’ve done it again, with an equally-impressive cookie-and-icing tribute to the Walton Arts Center.

General Manager Reese Roberts estimates that 80 man-hours went into the three-foot long creation, which is on display in the restaurant’s dining room.

“Building gingerbread structures is a tradition started about 15 years ago by our staff, which included Andy McGuinness, a sous-chef who has since passed away,” Roberts said. “Executive Chef Matthew Barclay and Sous-Chef Corey McCain worked with Andy and decided to restart the tradition last year by constructing a gingerbread Old Main in Andy’s honor. This year we’re giving some props to WAC as we’re big fans of what they bring to Dickson Street and the Entertainment District.”

The house is made primarily from real gingerbread, and is adorned with icing-coated ice cream cones that make up the trees, peppermints, candy canes, licorice twists, and gumdrops. The structure is even lighted with actual LED lights.

In addition to honoring Andy, Reese said the gingerbread tradition is a reminder of a less-hectic time when Dickson Street was a sleepier version of itself.

“I think this project is really amazing because it calls back to a time when we spent a little more time on enjoying ourselves and our jobs during the holidays, which can be a very demanding time for those in the restaurant business,” Roberts said. “And it also allows us to recognize some of our favorite attractions that drive our business so strongly in a really fun and unique way.”

The gingerbread house will remain on display at the restaurant through Jan. 6.

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