Fayetteville police, community honor fallen officer Stephen Carr

Razorback Stadium was lit up blue Monday in honor of fallen officer Stephen Carr

Photo: Fayetteville Police Department

The Fayetteville Police Department lost one of its heroes last year when officer Stephen Carr was killed in the line of duty, but this week several locals are continuing to remember the legacy he left behind.

At his funeral last year, Fayetteville police chief Mike Reynolds promised to remember Carr as long as he is in charge at the department.

“As police chief, I make this vow,” Reynolds said. “Stephen Carr, badge number 413, will not be forgotten.”

Reynolds and his fellow officers kept their promise, with several tributes organized throughout the day to honor Carr on Monday, April 13.

Carr was killed on Dec. 7 after a gunman shot him while he was sitting in his patrol vehicle behind the police station.

Tributes to Carr, and his service to the city started early in the morning, with Fayetteville mayor Lioneld Jordan reading a proclamation in a video message posted to Facebook at 8 a.m. on Monday.

Stephen Carr

“Whereas Officer Car, Badge 413, served his community and fellow officers with pride, bravery, and dedication, may he rest peacefully knowing he is greatly loved and will never be forgotten,” Jordan said. “Therefore I Lioneld Jordan, mayor of the great city of Fayetteville, Arkansas, do hearby proclaim April 13, 2020 as officer Stephen Carr No. 413 day in Fayetteville, Arkansas.”

Other events to honor Carr continued throughout the day.

Several officers ran a 4.13 mile run in honor of Stephen early on Monday morning, for example, and Fayetteville officers handed out 50 $10 Slim Chickens gift cards to people standing in line outside Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Monday morning as a nod to his kindness and heart for the community.

Local coffee shop 7 Brew raised funds for officer Carr’s memorial fund, his partner Natalie Eucce read “Happy Birthday Brielle,” a children’s book Carr gave to Eucce’s daughter for her birthday last year, and FPD Chaplain Tony Harrison spoke and hosted a Moment of Silence for Officer Stephen Carr at 4:13 p.m.

Others in the Fayetteville community got involved as well. Locals Lori Jones and friends Lila Rostenberg, Kathy Garringer, Sonya Koch, and Paula Dutton made 413 masks to distribute during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Stephen Carr

Folks paid tribute to Carr by painting his badge number on Easter Eggs, and posting signs on their homes, among others.

On Monday night, folks from all over the city, including the Walton Arts Center, Razorback Stadium, and Fayetteville Police Department, lit up the sky with blue lights to honor Carr.

For more on the tributes to officer Carr, visit the Fayetteville Arkansas Police Department Facebook page.

Video tribute to officer Stephen Carr