Fayetteville artists adds skink sculpture to Wilson Park castle

A new sculpture by artist Eugene Sargent adorns Wilson Park Castle

Staff photo

When one of the most beloved landmarks in the city of Fayetteville was showing some wear-and-tear, there was only one person to call to help repair the damage; local artist Eugene Sargent.

Sargent was recently called in to service when an area on the west side of Seven Points (aka the Wilson Park Castle) lost a few of its rocks and developed some troubling cracks.

His solution? A roughly fourteen foot long skink structure that both reinforced the wall, while also maintaining the whimsy and imagination that the castle is known for.

Sargent, who has created some of the other sculptures around the castle over the years including the earth worm located on the south end of the structure, recently completed the work with help from fellow artist Kaye Baskerville who helped add the mosaic blue tail to the sculpture.

We stopped and took a few photos of it, but it is much better in person. You can also check out some photos of the work in progress on the artist’s Facebook page.

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Staff photo

Staff photo

Photo: Courtesy, Eugene Sargent