Walton Arts Center prepares for return to in-person performances

Staff photo

Walton Arts Center officials this week announced plans to transition away from their weekly web series as the venue prepares to return to in-person performances this fall.

The WAC has been broadcasting their weekly ‘heARTs to Homes’ series since April 11 and have produced 10 episodes of the show streamed by an average of 1,200 people, equivalent to a sold-out show in Baum Walker Hall.

The weekly series highlighted local artists and organizations, local restaurants, and more.

“I am particularly proud that we were able to support local artists through this initiative, not only by presenting their work but by paying them to appear on the show. We were able to support art makers in a very tangible way,” said Scott Galbraith, vice president of programming and executive producer for Walton Arts Center.

WAC officials say they are now working on the shift to prepare for smaller, physically-distanced on-site performances and events beginning later this summer. Information on those events will be announced in the coming weeks, officials said.

Among them, the Walton Arts Center is planning a two-day blood drive July 28 and 29 with live entertainment for those who donate blood.

More information on that will be available soon at waltonartscenter.org.