TRAIL TOUR: Take a photo tour of Niokaska Creek Trail in east Fayetteville

With city officials set to celebrate the completion of Niokaska Creek Trail this week, we figured it was time to grab some photos of the new trail.

The project is considered a major milestone for the city’s longterm trail plans, as officials have estimated that 4,000 more residents are now within a quarter mile of the trail system.

The new, 3-mile trail connects Gulley Park to the Razorback Greenway via Mud Creek Trail near Old Missouri Road.

From Gulley Park, the trail travels northeast alongside Niokaska Creek towards Crossover Road. From there, it leads under Old Wire Road at the intersection of Crossover, and continues north with the creek through Sweetbriar Park before heading west on a path on the north side of Sweetbriar Drive to connect with Mud Creek Trail at Old Missouri Road about a half mile north of Butterfield Trail Elementary.

See a map of the new trail below the photos:

Start at the Old Wire Cycle Track near Stanton Avenue

Approaching Gulley Park

Gulley Park Trail entrance

Gulley Park Trail

Gulley Park Gazebo

Across the creek

Leaving the park

Updated path toward Azalea Terrace

Azalea Terrace crossing

Headed toward Crossover Road

Crossover Road

Fire Station No. 5

Tunnel Under Old Wire Road

Approaching the bridge

View of the creek from the bridge

Painted rock wall

Headed toward Warwick Drive

Warwick Drive spur

Sweetbriar Park

Plaque at Sweetbriar Park

Sweetbriar Drive

Approaching Old Missouri Road

Old Missouri Road

Old Missouri crossing (trail becomes Mud Creek Trail)


Map: Todd Gill