Construction begins on JBGB enclosure, restaurant could reopen in 2021

Photo: Courtesy, JJ’s Grill

After being closed for more than a year, JBGB is showing some signs of life.

The restaurant, brewery, concert venue, and outdoor hang out spot closed in late 2019 with hopes of enclosing the patio area to allow for more frequent live music. Since then, it’s been pretty quiet over on Steele Boulevard, but that is beginning to change.

Sister-company JJ’s Grill has been hinting that news is coming for JBGB, but that “one final contract” would need to be signed before an announcement could be made.

“While we still can’t publicly announce what is going on, have you driven by?” read a Twitter post on Jan. 25.

Today, a new post announced that the project is in fact still alive, and construction has finally begun.

“We’ve heard just about every rumor floating around about JBGB but rest assured, it’s still alive,” read a post on the JJ’s Twitter account Tuesday. “Construction of our enclosure officially started earlier this month with a completion date around early Fall, possibly late summer.”

The brewery located at the facility has remained in operation during the JBGB closure, as have the corporate offices of the Fayetteville-based restaurant chain.

We’ve reached out to JJ’s officials for more information on the project, and we expect to have an update soon. Stay tuned.