Fayetteville fills 12 positions on city boards and committees

Historic District Commission June 2021 meeting / Fayetteville Government Channel

The Fayetteville City Council on Tuesday approved 12 appointments to seven board and committee positions.

Most appointments are recommended by the council’s Nominating Committee, which includes one council member from each of the city’s four wards as chosen by the mayor each January. Some recommendations are made by the mayor or members of the boards.

Fayetteville citizen committees consist of mostly volunteer citizens who resident within the city limits and are registered voters. Vacancies are posted here on the Flyer once each quarter.

Mayor’s recommendations

Historic District Commission
Mark Harper – One term ending 06/30/24
Alexandria Lee – One term ending 06/30/24

Two vacancies were not filled, including one term ending 06/30/24 and one unexpired term ending 06/30/23

Nominating Committee recommendations

Animal Services Advisory Committee
Laura Florick – One citizen at large term ending 06/30/24
Edwin Velasco – One citizen at large term ending 06/30/24

Board of Adjustments
William Finer – One unexpired term ending 03/31/24

Energy Improvement District #1
One unexpired vacant term ending 12/31/21 was not filled

Environmental Action Committee
Stacy Buff – One community citizen at large term ending 06/30/24

Fayetteville Arts Council
Jessica DeBari – One arts and cultural community resident term ending 06/30/24
Lia Uribe – One working artist term ending 06/30/24

PEG Advisory Board
Brandy Walsh – One term ending 06/30/25
Hope Beatte – One term ending 06/30/25

Walton Arts Center Council, Inc.
Cal Rose – One term ending 06/30/24
Jody Dilday – One term ending 06/30/24