Fayetteville fills 27 positions on city boards and committees

Past meeting of the Board of Health / Fayetteville Government Channel

The Fayetteville City Council last week approved 27 appointments to 11 of the city’s boards and committees.

Most appointments are recommended by the council’s Nominating Committee, which includes one council member from each of the city’s four wards as chosen by the mayor each January. Some recommendations are made by the mayor or members of the boards.

Fayetteville citizen committees consist of mostly volunteer citizens who resident within the city limits and are registered voters. Vacancies are posted here on the Flyer once each quarter.

The approved new members are listed below:

Nominating Committee recommendations

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

Arnold Smith – One Bicycle Advocate term ending 12/31/23
Nathan Eikenberry – One term ending 12/31/23

Airport Board

David Hinton – One University of Arkansas term ending 12/31/26
Monty Roberts – One Aeronautical term ending 12/31/26

Animal Services Advisory Board

Emily Sledge – One unexpired Business Representative term ending 06/30/22

Audit Committee

Chad Reed – One term ending 12/31/24

Botanical Garden Society of the Ozarks

Catherine Hipp – One term ending 12/31/24

Commission to Preserve Historical Black Structures and Cemeteries and to Create Black Historical Markers

Lois Bryant – One member familiar with a Historical Black Church in Fayetteville term ending TBD
JL Jennings – One member at large term ending TBD
Traci Morgan – One member at large term ending TBD
Kaleb Turner – One member at large term ending TBD
Joetta Walker – One member at large term ending TBD
Wendell Huggins – One member at large term ending TBD

Energy Improvement District No. 1

Anthony Miletus Callahan-Barile – One term ending 12/31/23
Matthew Kelly – One term ending 12/31/23
Jonathan Fitzhugh – One term ending 12/31/23

Environmental Action Committee

Thomas Deere – One Community Citizen at Large term ending 12/31/24
Valerie McClendon – One Community Citizen at Large term ending 12/31/24
Joe Donahue – One Local Industry term ending 12/31/24

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Will Dockery – One term ending 12/31/24
Yarri Davis – One term ending 12/31/24
Doug Walsh – One term ending 12/31/24

PEG Advisory Board

No applications received – One unexpired term ending 06/30/23

Urban Forestry Advisory Board

John Crow – One University Representative term ending 12/31/23
Ken Eastin – One Community Citizen at Large term ending 12/31/23
William Chesser – One unexpired Tree Service Community unexpired term ending 12/31/22

Housing Authority board members’ recommendations

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

Tiffany Henry – One term ending 12/28/26
Traci Morgan – One unexpired term ending 12/28/25