Cake stand galleries to feature artwork at 30 locations across Fayetteville April 1-2

Artwork by Noelani Jones from the 2021 Cake Stand Exhibition (Farmingdale, ME): A Yarn Cake to Die For, wool recycled from sweaters, madder root, osage orange, indigo, edible sprinkles, glue, birthday candles, and time (2021)

Courtesy photo

FAYETTEVILLE — A two-day art exhibition will feature artwork atop cake stands at 30 locations around Fayetteville this weekend.

The 2022 Cake Stand Biennale is a joint project organized by local artists Juliette Walker and Meredith Tinkle, both students at the University of Arkansas. It will feature over 50 artists whose work will be displayed on cake stand galleries at participating businesses and landmarks around Fayetteville.

The idea was first born in Maine in 2021 when Walker, now an MFA candidate in Fayetteville, curated her mother-in-law’s cake stand as an art space during the pandemic.

“Initially through invitations and then an open call, various works and projects were exhibited from this platform,” according to Walker’s website. “Over the course of a month and a half, 26 artists held solo shows or collaborative projects in The Cake Stand.”

Works included cakes, zines, bread, sculptures, paintings, plants, and even performances. Because of the pandemic, the art could only be viewed on Instagram or by arranging a special visit from outside the window.

Artwork by Jamie Bird @birdjaime from the original Cake Stand exhibitions in 2021 in Maine. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, ink, watercolor, paper, foam (2021)

Courtesy photo

The Fayetteville exhibition will celebrate the idea that anywhere can be a gallery and anything can be art, according to Walker. “From paper snack sculptures, to traditional functional ceramics, to literal cakes, the Cake Stand Biennale has just about every art medium that anyone could imagine inside the cake stand galleries,” Walker said.

An “Opening Cake Cutting Ceremony” is scheduled on the downtown Fayetteville square at 11 a.m. Friday, April 1, and a “Closing Reception” for the Biennale will take place at the University of Arkansas SculX Gallery (750 Hill Ave.) from 6-8 p.m. Saturday, April 2.

Over the two-day period, each cake stand host location will have printed maps available with locations of all the artworks. A link to the map is also available on the exhibition’s Instagram page (or here).

Participating host locations include: Arsaga’s Mill District, Arsaga’s Church & Center, Block Street Records, Campus Bookstore on Dickson Street, Cheers at the OPO, Creative Spaces NWA, Crisis Brewing, Dickson Street Bookshop, Dickson Street Pub, Experience Fayetteville, High Roller Cyclery, Jimmy John’s on Dickson, Columbus House Brewery, Mullins Library, Ozark Natural Foods, Pearl’s Books, Pink House Alchemy, Fayetteville Public Library, Puritan Coffee & Beer, University of Arkansas SculX Gallery, Sleet City Art and Supplies, Cheap Thrills, Swoon Juice Bar, UARK Ceramics, Union Bus Station, University of Arkansas Fine Arts Center, UREC University Recreation, USPS on Dickson Street, Woodstone Pizza, and Xuma Kitchens.

Exhibiting artists include: Mckaela Armstrong, Jaime Bird, Erin Brothers, Aisha Chantal Bryant, Elisabeth Buckley, Michelle Caron-Pawlowsky, Angela Ciaravino, Eliza Clifford, Madeleine Conover, Crust Bucket Collective, Jennifer Diaz, Kelcey Dilling, Kaitlyn Evans, Nan Farrar, Brandon Forrest Frederick, Olivia Fredricks, Bia Furtado, Olivia Gallenberger, Marriah Geels, Leah Grant, Julie Gray, Stella Greenhill, Noelani Jones, Alia Josephine, Anastasia Kirages, Kweku Krampah, Jake Lahah, Lily Lund, Jordain Molloy Gillen, Irina Novikova, Gracie Orlie, Soeun Park, Ben Pearey, Kate Rifken, Amberly Schaffer, Ashley Sexton, Devin Shepherd, Eva and Sue Shepherd, Miki Skak-o-matic, Megan Smith, Bridget Starnes, Martha Stefani-Bose, Kara Thorndike, Tonsilitis, Warren Van Ryzin, Stephanie Veitsman, J.N. Ward, Rebecca Whalen, Erin Williams, Laura Williams, Calliope Woods, Imin Yeh, and Allison Zabransky.