Airbnb makes party ban permanent at its rental locations

Airbnb has permanently banned parties and events at all short-term rentals listed on its site.

Officials announced the ban on Tuesday in a post on the company’s news hub.

The company in 2020 announced a temporary ban on events after parties at Airbnb homes increased during the pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit, as many bars and clubs closed or restricted their occupancy, we began to see some people taking partying behavior to rented homes, including through Airbnb,” according to the announcement. “This was concerning to us due to both the disruptive nature of unauthorized parties and the risk of such gatherings spreading the virus.”

Company offices said Tuesday that the ban has worked, and that reports of parties have since dropped 44%, likely due to the serious consequences applied to guests who violated the rule. In 2021, over 6,600 guests were suspended from Airbnb for attempting to violate the party ban.

“The temporary ban has proved effective, and today we are officially codifying the ban as our policy,” according to the announcement.

The temporary party ban included a 16-person occupancy cap which was prompted primarily by health concerns when COVID-19 vaccines weren’t yet available. That limit has now been lifted, officials said.